Physiotherapy orofacial is a specialty therapeutic that addresses the dysfunction, orofacial, including the muscles orofacial and neck related to the phonation, the food and dental health. Our treatment approach seeks to prevent, cure, diagnose, and rehabilitate these terms and conditions by using maneuvers and therapeutic physical agents, and is complemented with therapy, myofunctional orofacial for the re-education and rehabilitation of the swallowing, speaking and breathing.

In our center, we understand that the dysfunctions orofacial can have a significant impact on the quality of life of the people. That is why we focus on providing a comprehensive treatment and holistic that addresses the specific needs of each patient. Whether you're experiencing difficulties in swallowing, speaking, breathing, or have problems related to the temporomandibular joint, we are here to help you find relief and improve their well-being.

Our physical therapists are highly trained in various therapeutic techniques, including exercises and manual handling specific to the muscles orofacial and cervical. In addition, we use modalities physical therapy with heat, cold, ultrasound and electrotherapy to complement our treatments and to optimize the results. 

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